Our marketing methods are mainly focusing on free marketing methods like traffic exchanges, Text Ad Exchange etc.We are mainly focusing on 3 TEs.Because it helps us dominate these Exchanges, and get good exposure and market penetration.It is far more effective for 100 Members to surf 3TEs, than have 100 Members surf 100 different TEs.

Traffic Exchanges

List Surfing




Text Ad Exchange

Join a text ad exchange.Always use the same user ID and password for everything you join.Once you join, set up a text ad, and a HTML ad (HTML is just a bigger add with color-you do not need to know HTML code).When you join you will get some credits.  When they run out, just read a couple of ads to build up credits.  Most of the time your credits will last a long time.Once you set up your 2 ads, then just post them daily.When you join a text ad exchange, you will get ads sent to your inbox.  You can use the filter option in gmail, to automatically route them to trash or a folder of your choice.  That will keep your inbox clean.Set up one text ad exchange, and set up the others the same way.  Once done you have a nice text ad exchange ready to go.


The lead magnet




PIF explosion   (More to come)


Banner(760 x 100)

AIOP Free Downline Building

Banner URL : http://freeteammarketing.com/images/1.jpg

Target URL: http://www.aiopsplashbuilder.com/splash.php?id=28861

Banner(468 x 60)

AIOP Free Team Building

Banner URL : http://freeteammarketing.com/images/AIOP4.jpg

Target URL: http://www.aiopsplashbuilder.com/splash.php?id=28861

AIOP Free Team Building

Banner URL : http://freeteammarketing.com/images/AIOP5.jpg

Target URL: http://www.aiopsplashbuilder.com/splash.php?id=28861